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Migrants who have the skills and experience currently in demand in New Zealand


Those looking to work in New Zealand temporarily and with guaranteed job offers.


If you have family living in New Zealand or they are permanent residents..

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are your fees? Do I have to pay everything upfront?

We are very transparent about our fees and will tell you exactly what it will cost you before you sign up so there are no surprises. You don’t have to pay the whole amount up front. Our fee is payable in stages according to the progress of your application.

What if my job is not on the skills shortage list?

There are common misconceptions about the Occupational and Skill Shortage Lists for New Zealand. The Long Term Skills Shortage List (or LTSSL) indicates occupations that Immigration New Zealand considers will be in long term demand. You are required to have skilled work experience and/or qualifications that match up to Immigration requirements and may need to have a skilled offer of employment to gain enough points to qualify as a Skilled Migrant.

Meeting LTSSL requirements can open up a special type of Work to Residence application and give bonus points for a Skilled Migrant application, but you DO NOT have to be on the LTSSL to be able to gain entry into New Zealand as a Skilled Migrant.
If your occupation is on the Long Term Skills Shortage List your qualifications and/or work experience must exactly meet the requirements for you to benefit. So must your job offer.

If your job offer is on the Immediate Skills Shortage List (or ISSL) and you exactly meet the requirements it will allow an employer to sponsor you for a Temporary Work Visa without proving there are no New Zealanders available to hire or train for the job. Meeting the ISSL will not allow you to apply for permanent residence.

What happens if my visa application fails?

As long as the information you have supplied to us is accurate and genuine, we guarantee that if your application fails due to any errors or omissions on our part we will refund any fee paid to us. Rest assured though – our success rate is 99%+ for all visa applications lodged.

Can you help me find a job?

Our sister company, based in New Zealand, offers a full job search service and has successfully placed migrants into employment from all walks of life. They act as your local representation, bridging 12,000 miles gap separating you from the job market, thus ensuring you have maximum credibility with local employers. While it is not essential, it can be beneficial to meet New Zealand employers face-to-face. This usually depends on the type of position and employer’s preferences. Most of our clients, however, are placed without having to travel to New Zealand, by way of a phone or Skype interview.

Even if you have not engaged us to find you a job, we can still assist you in your search for employment. We provide you with a signed letter of credibility to show to potential employers, which will reassure them as to your eligibility to obtain a visa. We can also rewrite your CV into the required local format – giving you the best CV you will ever have – putting you well ahead of other offshore candidates.

Why should I bother with an assessment?

The probability is that you may have looked at the immigration websites. You may have even worked out the points’ indicator for a Skilled Migrant Category, which is a good start but this doesn’t begin to provide the full picture.

Even if your points calculation is correct (and many, many people get this wrong), such basic screening only gives a general guide as to eligibility. It does not explain what a “Recognised Qualification” is or whether your qualification equates to the correct one in New Zealand. It does not explain what constitutes a ‘Skilled’ offer of employment, or look at health issues, character issues, rights to schooling and healthcare for family members, etc.

As a first step we recommend completing our Preliminary Assessment which provides you with a written report containing a full analysis of your visa options, a recommendation of the best visa type(s) to apply for and an evaluation of your job prospects including a 2 hour personal consultation with an Immigration Adviser.

If you are not currently eligible to apply for a visa but feel you could be, the Full Migration Appraisal report will identify what is required to improve your chances.

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